Hawthorne credit Union - Outragous bank fee's And refussing to ascent black coustomer with online banking.

Bolingbrook, Illinois 1 comment
Not resolved

After getting to many over draft.I ask about online banking to help me manager my account.

No one new how to help me , on the phone or in person. But they still have the nerve charge me a fee's for example $29 dollars for a dollar and 99 cent. after asking for help? Oh come on now.

I fell if I was the color of choice they would have taken the time to help me the customer with this issue.Ask to talk to someone and I got a run a round until I started getting letter's



I don't think your skin color has anything to do with your ability to bounce checks. You bounce a check you get hit with over-draft fees - period. Quit playing the race card because you can't manage your finances.

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